Antigone Notes

Topics: Tragedy, Sophocles, Poetics Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Women Vs. Men
* Ismene is for the submissive role of women, quote on page 4 * On page 13 Creon talks about taming Antigone. Antigone needs to be tamed because women are supposed to be submissive and Creon’s ability to rule is in his ability to have everyone, especially women submissive. * On page 14, Creon’s comment about snakes suggests that women are snake like in nature, with a manipulative duplicity to their nature. He suggests that women hide their evil qualities behind attractive looks. * Creon thinks that all women are all the same

* “It’s very important to keep women strictly disciplined” page 15 * “If I must lose my throne, let it be a man that takes it from me. I can’t have people saying my will has been defeated by a woman.” Creon on page 17 * “Deprived of my chance to marry and raise children” Antigone on page 22. She recognizes how these play a role in her being a woman and it’s notable that she finds it notable that she will be missing out on marriage and children. Individual vs Society

* Antigone is the first to go against societal norms, when she goes against Creon. Although she does so in honour of the gods * There is a sense of Antigone being an isolated force, not even her sister agrees with her * A Doll’s House – both Nora and Antigone disobey society for the people they love * Creon vs Society – on page 13 when Antigone says “these men are on my side, but they daren’t say so” , everyone is on her side but they cannot speak up. Creon has lost sight of what the country actually wants. * Creon vs Society – Haemon comments on page 18 , “You can see the trees…to survive the flood” …Standing still and alone against the tide will bring about the downfall of the individual ? * Page 22 and 23 as Antigone goes to de condemning society * “ I’m not. I’m simply powerless to act against the city’s laws.” – Page 4, Isme Youth vs Age

* Qualities associated with age
* Page 18 “Am I to stand here...
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