Pocahontas Did Not Save John Smith's Life.

Topics: Lie, John Smith, Pocahontas Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: August 24, 2012
Zamir Shamil
August 21st
Did Pocahontas save John Smith’s life???
I believe that John Smith was not saved by Pocahontas. John smith is nothing but a lying scum thinking he could just lie his way through to his desires: fame, money, ect. In document 1 we receive information that states John Smith was going into trade with the chief and sent home content with himself and his trip. The quote, “He kindly welcomed me with such good words, and great platters of foods, assuring me his friendship, and my liberty within four days…” shows how well John Smith was treated upon arrival. Not so bad right? John Smith also left with these feelings stated in the last sentence of Document 1, “And this having all kindness he could devise, sought to content me, he sent me home.” Clearly John Smith was happy at the results of his trips, leaving “content.” Though in Document 2, which was within 1624, apparently Pocahontas, who is now famous, big in social media; saves John Smith’s life. Key thing to remember here is that Pocahontas died in 1617, so who’s going to debate against what John Smith states in his book? Nobody, that’s who. John Smith did this because he knew that not one single person could go against what he had written in those books. The quote, “ Two days after, Powhatan, more like a devil than a man, came to me and told me how we were friends, and presently I should go to Jamestown, to send him two great guns, for which he would forever esteem me as a son, Nantaquoud.” Now if “Nantaquoud” meant huge liar in their language, I would understand this name given to John Smith. Analyzing the quote, we see how unrealistic it is, “Two days after” almost killing John Smith, the chief is just going to come to John and be friendly and call him his son? This is unbelievable, in my honest opinion, the reason why John stated he was “forever esteem me as a son” by the chief was for more an attention purpose. Being the chief’s “son” he would obviously receive...
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