THEO 202 Quiz 8 Study Guide

Topics: Hell, Christianity, Afterlife Pages: 4 (829 words) Published: March 5, 2014
Quiz 8 Study Guide
Towns: pp. 809–853
Be familiar with the prominent perspectives on hell during the period of the church fathers and the Middle Ages. Pg 812-814 Church Fathers
Didn’t alter view of Christ
Eternal judgement is one of 7 fundamentals of early church (Hebrews 6:1-2) No apostle neglects mention of Hell
Doctine endless punishment for wickedprevalent opinion
Major church fathers uniform in insistence upon doctrine of endless punishment for wicked Middle Ages
Neglected, but not ignored
Church remained firm in belief of hell
“Abandon all hope ye who enter here” (Dante)
Place of eternal retribution, people will experience inconsolable need Condition of damned will be exact contrary to that of the blessed What is the Hebrew (Old Testament) word for the grave, often translated in the King James Version as “hell?” Sheol (OT describes the after-death of both the saved/unsaved) Be familiar with the textbook understanding of the account of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16:19–31). PG 819 Rich man goes to Hades @ death, tormented in flames

Punishment: Burning, separation/lonliness, memory conviction, thirst, falling, stench) Richman can see where saved are locatedacross the gulf
Richman cannot escape his torment/send a warning to family
Be familiar with the alternative theories concerning the state of the unsaved dead. PG 838-841 Theories have origin in pagan religious philosophistaught by those who identify with Christendom (to a degree) Annihilation: Hell is form of instantaneous destruction, if it exists at all/ Cessation of life Reincarnation: confining people to earth during various lifetimes Ensures all eventually reach a state of heavenly bliss (Karma) Opportunity to develop

Purgatory: all will be saved in the eternal plan of God
One’s term of stay was just long, not eternal
Purpose: not punitive/retributivecleansign
Universalism: there is heaven, there is Hell, God’s not letting anyone go to Hell Humanism: men in hell is...
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