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Chapter 18: Notes and Reading Guides

Section One

What were the major factors that contributed to the growth of American imperialism?
The major factors that contributed to the growth of American imperialism are desire for military strength • thirst for new markets
• belief in cultural superiority

What are some other examples we have learned about since September in which the United States expressed a feeling of “cultural superiority” and does this mentality still exist today? Other examples that we learned about since September in which the United States expressed a feeling of "cultural superiority" were like discrimination and racism towards African Americans. They were not given any rights and were constantly being looked down upon. Immigrants and people who were new to this country with a different culture, were also heavily discriminated against and had no right either. This mentality does still exist today but not as harsh and common anymore.

Manifest destiny greatly influenced American policy during the first half of the 19th Century. How do you think manifest destiny set the stage for American imperialism at the end of the century? Yes, without a doubt it did set the stage for a new Manifest Destiny that expanded American control beyond our natural borders. It became apparent to people like Teddy Roosevelt that in order to provide new markets for our industrial products and in a better effort to provide for the defense of the nation, we would need coaling stations for our navy and commercial shipping. That could only be achieved through Imperialism. Also, Social Darwinism was a belief particular to the age. Many felt that it was their Christian duty to civilize the savage peoples and use the natural resources of the lands to their best advantage.

In the following passage, how does Indiana Senator Albert J Beveridge explain the need for...
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