As a young child in school I can rememb

Topics: Pedagogy, Kindergarten, Early childhood education Pages: 5 (1601 words) Published: December 8, 2014
As a young child in school I can remember saying to myself, “If I were a teacher I would never do that to my students!” At a very young age, as young as the first grade, my personal philosophy of Early Childhood Education was already in progress and surfacing. My personal philosophy is: to instill good morals and values in all children; respect all children and their families’ cultures, ethnicities, race, beliefs, and structure; treat each child fairly to ensure that all children feel equally special; have families, communities, and educators work as one; remain a lifelong advocator of children; exhaust all resources before deciding to hold a child back a grade; and to maintain a constant fun, loving, safe, and positive environment for each child. It is a philosophy such as the one I have set forth that will encourage all families to feel welcomed, all children to feel loved, and everyone to want to work together as one in order to aid in a child’s optimal development. It all began in preschool and kindergarten while attending a Montessori School in my town. My preschool and kindergarten experience has had a great impact on my ideas towards education. I felt safe, secure, and special in school. I remember specific activities that at my new school, when I transitioned in the 1st grade, were not available to me, such as learning and practicing everyday activities like cleaning silverware, folding our blankets from rest time, preparing and cutting fruit to eat, and keeping a clean and orderly classroom. Moreover, the root of my morals and values developed from this period in my life. I remember in school being taught the fundamental values of sharing, caring, listening, trusting, and being honest. I learned that lying, stealing, cheating, hitting, and disrespecting elders or each other were bad. Influential movies and cartoons such as the Care Bears, Hug-a-bunch, Free to Be You and Me taught me about love, hugging, sharing, caring, helping others and equality. My childhood from preschool to third grade was a critical time for me to grow and learn, and much of what I experienced in the classroom and at home influenced how I would develop later and then as the person I am today. As a Substitute Teacher with no background classroom experience or educational degree, I brought with me the strong moral and ethical values I possess as a person, my patience, love and care for children, my passion for academics, and my past and personal experiences as a student in a classroom. One of the major intellectual influences was my experience in a Montessori School and then reading about the Montessori Method in my present graduate class. I never realized that Maria Montessori was the first woman to become a doctor in Italy, nor did I realize the specifics of the Montessori Method until I correlated my experiences with what was actually written and described about in the book. For instance, “She created objects for children to allow them to experience physical activities such as stacking, opening, closing, dusting, and connecting. [Maria Montessori] saw this goal-oriented activity as children’s ‘work’ and contrasted it with play, which she saw as unfocused and frivolous (pg. 16).” My personal philosophy coincides with her beliefs because it is through this child’s sense of ‘work’ that morals and good values are developed. A child saying, “You’ve got dirty hands, you ought to wash them (pg. 17)” is an example of a child who will continue to master society’s demands and expectations on how to behave throughout life. Another person who has played an influential role in my life, and has acted as a mentor, is my second grade teacher. It’s amazing that out of all my teachers from preschool through graduate school, my second grade teacher left the greatest impression on me. She possessed great patience and clarity when explaining new material to the class. She made me feel comfortable to ask questions or speak up in...
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