Ashford vs Pheonix

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When it comes to anyone choosing a school to further their education, everyone thinks and hopes they make the right decision. When looking at schools weather you’re eighteen or forty you have to factor in many things. Location, how far you want to travel, and if you can be away from your family. Cost, how much you can afford if you’re eligible for financial aid or if you can receive loans, any discounts in tuition. Whether you want to go to a campus, or try online courses. In this essay I am going to compare and contrast the differences between two well-known Universities, Ashford University and The University of Phoenix. One of the major things that you want to look for when choosing a school is if they offer the major you want for your associate’s degree. Both schools have good choices of majors, Ashford University gives you the selection of four choices, Arts of Business, Early Childhood Education, Military Studies, and Organizational Management. The University of Phoenix offers Information of Technology, Foundations of business, and Criminal Justice. You also have to look at how each school accepts credits and which ones they will accept of yours, if you have any. Another thing that every prospering student must look at is the cost. Both Universities have great tuition costs for Military and their families. The cost for military if you choose Ashford University would be $250.00 per credit and about $300.00 in fees, and you receive free materials which can always become a little costly. The University of Phoenix costs, $750.00 per course which adds up to be about the same. Nonmilitary families who choose to attend Ashford University pay $390.00 per credit and have about $2000.00 in fees; you also have to pay for your materials. The University of Phoenix costs $380.00 per credit and charges about $85.00 per course for materials. You also have to factor in the fees for their University. Both Universities offer an online program and a campus...
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