Topics: Death, Ancient Egypt, Figurine Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: August 18, 2013
The ‘’Stele of Karyben’’ has many typical aspects of Egyptian Art. The artist starts off by making the pharaoh, usually the most important and dominant figure in Egyptian Art, the focal point. The artist also uses hierarchial scale by making the seated pharaoh as tall or taller than all of the standing figures in the scene. The scene is also overflowing with symbols and hieroglyphics. These could possibly tell us more about the scene or the pharaoh himself. The scene is also well put together in terms of being spacially organized. The artist accomplishes this by making the scene balance and not clustering everything in one place. The scene involves the pharaoh, what seem to be two servants, and a man who seems as though he is about to receive some sort of punishment from the pharaoh. One could come to this conclusion from both the two weapon like items held by the pharaoh and by the mans body language. The man’s hands are raised with a slight bow in his head and seems to be in great fear of the pharaoh. The purpose of the Uninscribed Pair Statue is to sustain the dead. The Egyptians believed that souls and spirits needed help reaching and prospering in the afterlife. Statues like these were meant to aid the deceased. The statue displays an Egyptian woman with her arm wrapped around an Egyptian man, probably her husband. This gesture signifies her love and need for affection for him. This statue could represent the continuation of their love in the afterlife. An object such as the wooden boat model would most likely be buried in a tomb along with the deceased. The Boat Model’s purpose is to ensure a smooth transition from living to the afterlife. The boat is suppose to carry the spirits of the deceased through the underworld.
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