Topics: Death, Afterlife, Blood Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: October 4, 2013

Conceptualizing a Business
Christine Rudersdorf

My business is defined as a cleaning business, but not in the sense of your regular house cleaners. My company Homicide Cleanup, deals with the cleanup after death, whether it be in the house and or outside. The services my company provides is the cleanup after any type of death has occurred. It is our mission to cleanup the scene of a death and or homicide as quickly as possible so the family of the deceased and or victim is no longer noticeable for the family to see causing less heartache.

I want to have an excellent crew of cleaners who will be able to stomach some of the jobs in which they will be going to. Some of these jobs will require dealing with foul odors should the victim have been deceased for a period of time. My cleaners will be required to know how to dismantle furniture along with household sinks, toilets and so forth. The reason they will need to know this is, if a deceased individual has been passed away for some time, the body fluids from within the victim eventually make theire way out of the body and in this case will leak into the floor, in any crack and just about anywhere. Pending on where in the house the deceased has passed, depends on the cleanup and how much will need to be cleaned.

My cleanup crew will also have to deal with the cleanup of a death should it occur outside. Cleaning up after a death outside is vital since hundreds of people could walk pass this scene a day. The scene will have to be cleaned so there is no visible sign of blood, bodily fluids or any human matter depending on what type of death has occurred.

Here at Homicide Cleanup, it is our vision to be there for the families who have to deal with the tragedy of losing a loved one. It is our job to make the client of the deceased as comfortable with us given the circumstances at this time for them. We want to get the job done accurate...
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