Business Communication Trend

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Running head: Current Trends in Business

Business Communication Trends

Artrina Towner

University of Phoenix

Business Trends in Communication

Business depends on communication. Business communications are changing rapidly. There are ten current trends that can cause business communication to change. Those trends include technology, teamwork, entrepreneurship, legal and ethical trends, balancing professional and private life, flexibility in work, diversity, globalization and outsourcing, focus on quality and customer needs, and the rapid rate of change (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). Good communication seems to be a matter of common sense, like many other skills, communicating effectively is not always as simple. In the business world today, communication is one of the most important factors in determining if a business will be successful. Communication must be shared. If there is no communication amongst employees and businesses, the company will fail. That’s why it is important for businesses to establish those communication resources that work. Communication is verbal and nonverbal. Verbal communication involves word and nonverbal does not use words. Business communications helps me manage activities with the tools that are needed to get through each work day. The role of business communication for me is to communicate amongst the management team. It involves face to face conversations, meetings, emails, and listening skills. The business communication is an essential element of daily business activities that enables business persons to generate tangible assets, positive relationships, and establish common ground. Current trends in business communication are changing rapidly on a daily basis. Technology changes quickly and in different forms. Internet, television and video games are among those technologies. New software and cell phones also increase higher levels of customer service, increase sales and provide better business performance....

References: Locker, K & Kienzler, D. (2008). Business and Administrative Communication.
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