Business Description for Capstone Project

Topics: Marketing, Corporation, Sales Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Business Description for the Capstone Project
Deng A. Mangar
Grand Canyon University

Nov 11th, 2010

People enter into business with different reasons for doing that particular business and first question that need to be answered is who will be your customers and where will your business fit the most. In other words, where will you locate the business that you will find more customers to your products and services. The business that I will enter into will be business that will service foods to the people of Sudan. This will be mainly because Sudan (my country) has just ended a two decades civil war and people are not growing crops to provide them with foods. They are depending on businesses that deliver food there. This organization will have a mission and vision that people of Sudan will cherish forever. It will service them with variety of food items and employ many people throughout the country. This means that this organization will serve as an equal opportunity employer to the people of Sudan. The structure of this organization will be to serve as the largest food retail business in the country (Sudan). This business will be new in the market and to the country and this will make this organization very unique to the market. This business will be operated in the form of corporation. The main reason is that corporation will be the benefits of the corporation, limited liability, ownership is easily transferable, perpetual existence, tax advantage, and easy to raise capital. These are the most important reason why this organization will operate as a corporation (Ollek, 2008). This organization has already made plans as to how it will differential itself from the competition. This differentiation will come as the product uniqueness than what the competitors can offer. The organization will attract many customers from the market by offering low prices. This will make customers come back again to buy our product and they are more likely to spread...

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