Case Study: Google in China

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Case Study: Google in China




Case Study: Google in China

When Larry Page and Sergy Brin first launched the Internet search engine, Google; they did so with one goal in mind, to provide people searching the internet for information with the fastest, most reliable search engine. Because of their creativity and innovation, Google is one of the largest and most profitable Internet search engines available. With more than 150 domains worldwide, people in almost every country can search the Internet for information about everything from historical facts to current events. Ingrained into the company's code of ethics is the often quoted phrase "don't be evil" (Hill, 2009, p. 148). By this, Google means the company will not compromise their Code of Conduct and will provide searchers with information which is current and not biased or censored in any way. To Google, their Code of Conduct is also about "doing the right thing" (Google, 2009, para. 1). Because of Google's Code of Conduct when the company entered China, human rights activists had hopes that the citizens of China could search the Internet without the Chinese government censoring the results.

The purpose of this paper is to address the following regarding Google's presence in China, (a) the legal, cultural, and ethical challenges confronting Google, and (b) the various roles the Chinese government plays in Google's Chinese business operations. In addition, the paper will include a summary of the strategic and operational challenges facing Google managers who are living and working in China..


In 2000, Google began offering services to the Chinese allowing them the ability to search in their own language. Google did not have an office in China so the service was out of the United States. For approximately two years, the Chinese people could use Google to search for information over the Internet. Then in 2002, the Chinese government blocked...

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