challenges in education

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Challenges in Education
The morning school bell rings across the country and it is another day for elementary classroom teachers. They have worked hard to prepare a classroom that is inviting and educational. As the students come in the classroom, teachers are faced with daily challenges that did not exist twenty years ago. Teachers today must engage student that are used to multitasking, deal with the general lack of respect that is exhibited toward them, and teach the fundamentals with an ever-changing curriculum. Students today are bombarded with a constant barrage of information and they like it. This poses a problem in the classroom. Of course, teachers always want to engage students to learn but, today’s students are distracted learners. Teachers can no longer ask students to sit at their desk and read a book. Granted, they could ask that and the likelihood of that happening would be very low. Conversely, if they let the student go sit on the floor on a pillow while music is playing in the room, the outcome is better. Beyond that, students do not work on math worksheets. There are smart boards with interactive problems, and computer games that make the students utilize math and tons of manipulatives to work with to help understand a problem. For these reasons, teachers must use all the tools available to them to teach in today’s technologically driven world. Webster’s dictionary defines respect as a “feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way.” Twenty years ago teachers and parents demanded respect from the students and this is no longer the case. For example, students are argumentative. If they are asked to do homework quite often they will say they did not have time or were too busy with sports. At the same time, parents will ask the teachers to excuse their child’s homework and be upset if their child is given a zero. Furthermore, parents are very litigious...
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