Class Prophecy(HS Mem'ries)

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Each one of us has our dreams and ambitions in life. Our main goal is to be successful and our mission is to search for real happiness. The purpose of our lives is to be happy. But there is one thing that we are all afraid of it is "OUR TOMORROW". Out of nowhere we are thinking of what lies ahead of us? Tomorrow will never be the same as today. There were a lot of questions bothering as such as: What if we can't make it to the finishing line? What if we will be left behind? Or what if we fail? We are all afraid of what might happen in the future. There are a lot of "what if's", but in this where CHANGE is the only thing permanent, we should be ready to turn all what if's to why not's. Let us be strong and entrust everything to God's greater plans for He said "Do your best, and I will do the rest."

Lend me your ears. Fasten your seatbelt. Sit back and relax. In just a few minutes we will take a trip to the future.

Awaken by the same lyrics of song I used to hear 10 years ago, "I wish I could turn back time," it's actually my alarm clock tune. If you think it's weird? Well I also think so. Okay never mind, I get off bed and did my daily routine. I am currently having my breakfast when my phone beep, it's a text message from my mom reminding me not to be late again with my flight. Yes you heard it right, late again because I was once left by the plane on one of my trip to London. It's not surprising because ever since high school, I was always late. Okay enough of that embarrassing story. By the way, all my things were pack and viola, I'm ready to go. I drive for myself in going to the airport. Take note, I know how to drive now. This is it I'm going home!

When I was on the plane, a voice rang throughout the plane. As usual, it was the stewardess informing us that we are travelling with pilot and co-pilots, WHAT? To my surprise it was Captain Romanito Ongnan together with co-pilots Captain Jun-jun Moro and Captain Rosaldo O. Dela Torre. I am so happy for them. Just a few hours of sitting down the plane, at last I've reach my destination. Finally Philippines we met again. It feels good to be backed home. I miss this place. I was having a hard time fixing my luggage when I heard some guys shouting "Welcome home Atty. Reyna G. Amacna!"I am not expecting anyone to pick me up here. As far as I know it was only my mom who knows that I'm going home today so I turned around and I saw familiar crazy faces of the school heartthrobs before who were now known as famous dancers but take note they earn their degrees namely Computer Engineer Alain D. Bustalino, AutoCAD Operator Micheal Andalahao, Computer programmer Neil Jhun D. Bascones and Computer Engineer Jundrey S. Dranto who is waiting for her girlfriend flight stewardess Roselyn M. Alestre. I still remember these boys before during our discussions in T.L.E regarding computers, they were not listening, but look at them now-they were all computer literates. Life is really full of surprises. After exchanging hi's and hello's I uttered goodbye to them for I really need to go.

I miss my hometown so much so instead of heading straight home, I decided to take little walk. Good thing Sicayab International Airport is now surrounded with parks and accessible establishments. Well managed by Provincial Governor Ricky Tomales who is now happily married to staff nurse Mary Jess Abalo. This going to be a great day for me! I begin my journey with a walk in the parks when a billboard caught my eyes it was Mary Jessel Abalo advertising the famous clothing line brand in today's generation Natasha and M.S.E. which are now own by entrepreneurs Cindy Algabre and Reygina Algabre. Imagine they were just dealers before and now they are the proud owners. I continued walking when I saw another billboard and guess who? Well, it was stylist Regei Egos and make up artist Perlito A. Campilan promoting their own works. I knew that they will fall to that business. I continued walking...
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