Coconut Water

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Economics Pages: 24 (8034 words) Published: August 18, 2013
Chapter: 1 Executive Summary
This report is about business plan of a product which is totally new named Piyash and it is to be launched in an existing market. This product will be launched in the beverage market to meet the demand of consumers for coconut water which is not being provided by any company in the market although the mobile vendors are providing coconut water to the people to some extent. As mobile vendors are not available everywhere in every time, it is easy for any company to skim money from the market by selling bottled coconut water. Moreover, coconut water contains promising amount of nutrition which is good for anyone. It can be bottled without adding any preservative. Furthermore, Bangladesh is a country situated in tropical region and coconut is highly available in tropical areas. Therefore, it’ll not cost that much for any company to bottle coconut water and to seek profit as well. Another fact is that, as no company is bottling coconut water and selling it in the market, it will be monopoly business as bottled coconut water is not provided by other companies, although other beverage companies will be the rival for this product (i.e. Pepsi, 7up). Considering high profitability and the potential market for coconut water Piyashis going to be launched in the market. Piyash is going to be first bottled coconut water in Bangladeshi market and it is expected that Piyash will be able to meet the day by day increasing demand for drinks. As there will be no preservative in this drink and as it is completely natural which tends to provide consumers with high-nutrition, the success of this product is unquestionable. Throughout this report the business plan for Piyash has been developed like the selection of target consumers, how they’ll get value from Piyash and how the company will get value from the consumers in return which is how the company will make profit by providing superior value. In addition with that, four parameters for a successful marketing plan product, price, place and promotion for Piyash have been elaborately discussed. Moreover, the probable threats and opportunities of Piyash, the objectives and issues of Piyash, comparative key success factors, financial strategies, different sorts of goals and objectives, the overall beverage industry analysis and future prospect of the business has been described in this report. This report will give the reader a 360° view on the beverage industry and the factors that have a major influence on this industry.

Chapter: 2 Company Outline
This report deals with a completely new product in the market known as PIYASH. PIYASH will be the first bottled coconut water introduced in Bangladesh. In the market, it will compete against the existing market of the beverage industry. We will be introducing PIYASH in the market on 1st of January, 2014. The target market will be each and every people and the main objective of PIYASHis reaching at the door of each and every citizen of Bangladesh and delighting by providing superior quality in different varieties. However, the main focused consumers of PIYASHwill be students, professionals, hardworking people, senior citizens, athletes, mothers, children and sick people. The product PIYASHaims to increase its market share by not only targeting few groups of people. This product is designed in a way that any people can purchase it and after purchasing the product they will be satisfied with the performance of the product. Our vision is to capture the whole beverage market and to achieve this vision our mission is to be the market leader in the whole of Bangladesh and overseas. And for these our objective is to produce good quality products in the market. To achieve our objectives our goal is to have a good management team who can bring the best in them in achieving those above things. The principles of PIYASH are that they follow a strong ethical atmosphere in their company. As well as they ensure value pricing. They...
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