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“Communication is the imparting, conveying, or exchange of ideas, knowledge, information and the like by mean of mechanical or electronic speech, writing or signs.” (De Janasz 2006) This process is when we assign and convey a meaning to create a shared understanding message between the receipents. As I communicate with others in my personal life and business life I use the skills of listening, observing, speaking, questioning, and evaluating.

Communication is a process that often breaks down. This leads to many problems in both giving and receiving messages. These break downs can occur not only in our verbal communication, but also in non-verbal communication.   When barriers exist it can often lead to awkward, embarrassing, and confusing situations. When communication fails we must look at why, whether it be as simple as the words being misunderstood or the hand gestures not in sync with the verbal outlay that preceded them. Throughout this essay it will become apparent that attempts to communicate are not always effective, and the barriers that make this difficult are often vague and inconsistent. Communication can occur via various processes and methods and depending on the channel used and style of communication there can be various types of communication. Verbal Communication, nonverbal-communication, formal communication, and informal communication. Verbal communication is divided into two types. Written communication and oral communication Nonverbal communication: includes body language of the person who speaking to us which will include the body posture the hand gestures and overall body movement. Facial expressions also play a major role while the communication since the expression on the person face says a lot about their mood and in the other hand gestures like a handshake, smile or hug can independently covey emotion. Nonverbal can also be in the form of pictorial representation signboards or even photograph captions and pointing.

Feedback is the verbal or nonverbal reaction or response to the sender’s message.   It can be external feedback (something we see) or internal feedback (something we can’t see).   The exchange is possible only if the receiver responds.   Without feedback we wouldn’t know if there was an understanding between sender and receiver. Communication process is a way to guide us towards attaining effective communication.   When we follow it properly, the process can assure us that the sender’s message will be understood by the receiver.

In my organization, the communication process is conducted through a combination of all of these processes. The most used form of communication in my organization is verbal communication. The reason why this is the most common type of communication is because it’s the best form of communication to discuss with one or more persons. Verbal communication is used on daily basis in my organization, in the morning my supervisor addresses the workforce with a morning briefing. In this briefing my supervisor speaks verbally about the daily activities, safety and work related situations that will occur that day. Also during this time people can communicate their feelings on those matters or other concerns that are needed to be spoke about amongst the workforce itself. This is a effective way of communicating necessary information to the workforce. Using electronic or written communication for this type of communication wouldn’t be as effective, because not everyone checks their emails on a daily basis and some people could or would ignore a written document with the same information on it. Also face-to-face verbal communication is used on a daily basis in my organization. This occurs when my supervisor gives me my daily job briefing, in this briefing we go over the proper safety procedures and the certain tasks needed to complete the work that is given to me on that day. In these briefings it’s important to use verbal communication to clarify that you...
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