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Name: Kibosha DaCosta Grade: 12A Subject: Management of Business Year of examination: 2010 Teacher: Mrs. Nelson Name of school: St.Mary High School Territory: Jamaica Centre number: 100112

Aims and Objectives4
Methodology Employed5-6
The Report: Description7-13
Analysis and Interpretation 14-21
Conclusion and Recommendations22

To find out the importance of effective communication in the business- Guardian Life of the Caribbean and also to acquire the necessary information to complete this research in order to achieve a reasonable grade.

1. To analyse the importance of setting business objectives 2. To show how Guardian Life carry out their social responsibilities. 3. To tell the different leadership styles present in Guardian Life. 4. To explain the importance of effective communication in Guardian Life. 5. To identify the different financial statements used by Guardian Life. 6. To identify how Guardian Life sourced finance for start up.


This research will be done on one of the leading insurance companies in Jamaica, Guardian Life of the Caribbean Limited. The researcher will be carrying out the investigation using as a guide the importance of effective communication in the business. Data for this research will be collected in various ways. These will include both primary and secondary sources of data collection. The sampling method being used will be non-random because of various reasons. A non-random sampling method is being used because the researcher did not randomly select the person to be interviewed. The researcher chose this member because of his position of the firm. Mr. Mark Sterling is an insurance policy sales person and he was chosen because of the topic which deals with effective communication and communication is a main role in his job. Information will be gathered based on all the modules which include the business and its environment, the management of people and business finance and accounting. This information will be gathered using both primary and secondary source will include a interview and the secondary source will include books and the internet. To achieve the research objectives the researcher, as states above, will be using the interview as a data collection tool. An interview is comprised of a group of questions which are administered face to face. it is very informal and allows the respondent to speak for as long as he/she wishes. It also gives first hand information and is somewhat reliable. It is less confidential and the subject matter can get distorted as respondents may stray from the topic being assessed. The interview was done on the 29th of December 2009 at approximately 10:00am to 3:00pm with stops between intervals. The researcher went to the St.Mary Parish Library a few times where she used books and the internet to acquire information on the topic and the business.


Guardian Life of the Caribbean Limited, the flagship company of the Guardian Holdings Group, has a proud tradition of...
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