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Topics: Death, Cannabis, Brian Wilson Pages: 42 (14115 words) Published: October 5, 2013
Written and edited by the old hickory entertainment, C.E.O
Based on a true story

Don’t let your anger go!
By Kagame Fred K.
(Once, Upon a time in Remera….)

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Hey its me again , …… u thought I will die when in this motherfucking world w still livin’ but that’s wasn’t in god’s willing, and then oops! I’m back again on the hood…. Carnivores we are! , unfortunately, I ain’t an herbivore too.., I mean I am that of kind of man people can’t easily put their trust on….however, at the other side, I am more like a human kindness …… adorable at all sides , with a golden heart who thinks he can be lovable to every one ……,As we all know, it , we live and then we die ,… for my better future , I always questioned myself,’’ what we feel when dead ??, is there an after life ?

CHAPTER 01: SUDDEN DEATH; RUKELIMBUGA ALPHONSE’s Death and the afterlife Death is not the end of life. Death is just a departure for the Spirit World, which is our true home in the afterlife. People today know about earthly things in much greater detail than they did in the past, but when it comes to the important spiritual matters such as death and the world after death, it can be said that the people of the past were much more knowledgeable. Information concerning the world after death is not taught at schools, many people believe that talk of the world after death is old-fashioned, and spend their lives in ignorance of it. This results in all kinds of confusion when they die and return back to the Real World. “All human beings have eternal life. No matter how strongly intellectuals may reject the idea, our souls are eternal; we are beings living in an eternal chain that consists of past, present and future.” (From the book: The Philosophy of Progress | p32) The moment of true death True death does not occur when the physical body stops functioning. The moment of true death is when the “silver cord” connecting a physical body and a soul is severed. It usually takes place about one day after physical death and is also closely related to how quickly a person is able to accept his/her death. Where do souls go after death? During the first seven days or so, the soul of the deceased person usually remains close to the place he/she lived and tries to follow the lifestyle he or she was used to. The destination that souls take after death varies, and souls can be divided into three groups accordingly: 1. Souls that cannot begin their departure to the Spirit World and become “earth-bound spirits” (ghosts) because they lived with a totally materialistic view of life and strongly denied life after death, or, are emotionally attached to something in this world to the point of not being able to let go. 2. Souls who fall straight to hell, because living on earth, they led a life full of evil and were possessed by more than four or five hell spirits at the time of death. These souls cannot make the normal departure to the other world and, instead, they go straight down to the depths of hell. 3. Souls that depart to the Spirit World with the help of a “Spirit Guide”. The majority of people usually wander around their house during the first seven days after their physical death, but when their consciousness becomes clear enough, a “spirit guide” comes to help them to realize that they are already dead. This spirit guide could be, in an ordinary case, a close friend, an acquaintance, parents or a sibling who died earlier. Departure to the Spirit World After a deceased person accepts that he is dead, “an expert spirit guide” comes to meet him. Depending on the person’s religious background or belief, an expert spirit will take the form of a Buddhist monk, Christian priest or an angel, and guide the person to the River Styx, which divides this world and the next. Crossing the River Styx The River Styx may appear different depending from person to person, but in essence it...
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