Communication on the Internet

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Online chat Pages: 4 (1385 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Connor Lund
COMS 320
Allyn Lueders
13 January 2013

As I have logged my Internet use over the past 72 hours. I have come to realize the influence the Internet has on my day-to-day life. The Internet is apart of my life from the second I open my eyes in the morning and grab my iPhone to check the Facebook posts, tweets, emails, news, and sports notifications that I had missed out on from the second I closed my eyes the night before. Although the Internet holds a great deal of value in my life and also serves as a major distractions. Throughout the rest of this essay I will compare the log I kept of my Internet use with some of the blurred boundaries that Nancy Baym discussed in her book, “Personal Connections in the Digital Age”.

One blurred boundary that Baym discusses in her book in this idea of interactivity. The blurred boundary that arouses with interactivity is this idea of weather we are interacting with others (social interaction) or reading the texts that other people have provided on the Internet (textural interaction. For me the Internet enables me to interact with my family and friends that live away from Kansas. If it weren’t for the Internet I probably would have lost touch with a lot of my family and friends that do not live in the Midwest. There were multiple times over the past 72 hours that I had the opportunity to talk to my friends in different parts of the country thanks to Facebook on my laptop and iPhone.

Another blurred boundary that Baym discussed in her book was temporal structure. She broke temporal structure into two separate categories synchronous, messages that occur in real time and asynchronous communication, messages that are separated by time. Most of my communication through the day between my friends and professors is synchronous, since I am either texting through iMessage via wireless Internet, or chatting with friends through Facebook chat. This is influential because it makes the conversation seem that much...
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