Comparison of "Because I Could Not Stop for Death." and "Death Not Be Proud."

Topics: Poetry, Personification, Death Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Essay prompt number 1.

In these particular poems about death, there are two different pictures painted of death. It is a clear contrast on the author’s individual point of view for such character. On both poems, the diction used to describe death is different from what I would use to describe death. It is very interesting that death is not described as an enemy, or a powerful and intimidating being. Both poems negate the mightiness of this character in different ways.

On Dickinson’s poem: “Because I could not stop for death.” Death is personified as an unintimidating, gentle guide; in charge of guiding you to eternity. the first paragraph of the poem talks about a kind helper, who takes you to immortality. Definitely, this poem is not describing the typical reaper that is hunting people to finite their lives. with eternity in your hands, Death seems like a patient and gentle character. It gives you a sense of relief being with Death gives you another perspective of peace, no stress matters; nothing that produces anxiety is with him anymore. the next stanza talks about the peaceful ride to eternity, what they see. Children playing reflects innocence, pure happiness. Gazing grain and Setting sun are expressions of things ending. Gazing grain ready to be reaped, or the sunset that indicates the end of a day. But also, the two are scenarios that bring peace to just watch. these paint a picture of coldness. Like if the ride went through a stage of cold, even darkness. This stanza in particular is a transition to the next stage on the ride, to eternality. The final stage she states which points to immortality finally obtained. So the whole poem is the ride to immortality, even at the beginning of the poem immortality was in the carriage. Death himself is painted as a servant that is kind, patient, unintimidating, and nothing really point out to him being mighty or frightening.

On Donne’s poem: “Death be not proud.” Death is not personified as a mighty...
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