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Ever since the computers were invented, people’s lives have changed a lot, which brought many benefits and conveniences to these people. In current society, there is at least one computer being held in every household, which means that people use the computer every day and it has become a useful resource in their lives.

The first effect of the computer is that, it gives convenience and saves time in workplace settings. The most commonly used programs in the workplace are word and excel programs that are used to make reports. Therefore, workers do not need to waste paper and hand write everything, since it is easy to change the contents of each report and to keep all these reports in the computer, because all the files can be saved within the computer. Presentations are one of most important aspects in current businesses. Power point is a powerful program for aiding these presentations, which makes people to understand and interact better. Nowadays, people cannot imagine going to work without using the computer. Computers definitely have changed and reshaped the workplaces in society.

The second effect of using computer is that, students and teachers could access various systems, in order to easily get in touch with one another. Every colleges and universities have a school portal system. It provides to be very useful, especially when professors check assignments, or efficiently being able to contact each student in the class. The other beneficial aspect is that students are able to use a computer connected to the internet, where they can study and research anything themselves, because there are abundant resources about everything on the internet. Before the computer was invented, people had to access the libraries to find information or read a book. All of this has changed these days, because people are free to obtain any information easily with just few clicks of a button while surfing on the internet through a computer.

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