Critique of "A Conservative Plan to Transform America" by Edwin Feulner, Ph.D.

Topics: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Critique of "A Conservative Plan to Transform America" by Edwin Feulner, Ph.D. In the article entitled "A Conservative Plan to Transform America", written by Edwin Feulner, Ph.D., president of the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, Dr. Feulner puts forth "solutions" to solve open-ended entitlements. The article identifies the big three entitlement programs, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. By lumping these three programs together, this article is essentially treating all three as one when in fact each program has a very different purpose, problems, and potential solutions. These programs are in place to provide America with a safety net and help make our society strong and its citizens not dependent on Government. Social Security was enacted for the purpose of providing a safety net for the elderly to help them out of poverty. According to U.S. Social Security Administration's own figures, 23% of retired married couples and 46% of retired unmarried persons rely on Social Security for 90% or more of their income. Not only does Social Security provide a safety net for the poor elderly, but it provides financial stability to the middle class during downturns in the economy. Social Security is completely funded by payroll taxes. Unlike Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security is on a much stronger financial footing. The Congressional Budget Office has said that "over the next twenty years spending on Social Security will increase from only 5% of GDP to 6% of the GDP"1. Based on the figures presented, only minor changes are needed to ensure the Social Security stays solvent well into the future. The amount of Social Security benefits one receives is based on the income and work history. Therefore an informed citizen cannot and does not expect to get something they did not earn. However, they can expect to get what they put into Social Security. Social Security helps make the elderly independent and therefore America stronger. Medicare...

References: 1. Congressional Budget Office." CBO 's 2011 Long-Term Budget Outlook"
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