Dangerous Knowledge

Topics: Near death experience, Life, Frankenstein Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: February 2, 2015

Connor FletcherThe Evil truth of knowledge
Humanity is where it’s at today due to people’s desire to learn, and other’s desires to build off that knowledge. As man continues to pursue the unknown it seems that the lines between safe and dangerous knowledge get blurred. This pursuit of knowledge is a theme that often appears in the Frankenstein. Many characters in the story are passionate about gaining knowledge and learning every aspect of life. They encounter many dangers while pursuing these endeavors. Mary Shelly demonstrates how dangerous it is to pursue knowledge through Victor’s health with his growing obsession with his scientific goals, the death of his younger brother William due to his neglect of his own creation, and finally his loss of rationality and mental stability when the creature retaliates against its maker.

As a young child Frankenstein had an uncommon craving for knowledge. As an adolescent Victor was more intense than most and could apply himself more acutely. Reading outdated books as child victor became interested in the fields of natural philosophy and chemistry. Becoming an above average student Victor pursued higher education at a university level. This curiosity lead him to his research to discover the hidden laws of nature. Laws of nature that no human was ever meant to know. Spending multiple years dedicated to this discovery, abandoning his moral code victor tries to play God by trying to create life where there is none. The potential rewards of this attempt causes Victor to miss all caution when considering the consequences of his actions, which allows the experiment to progress till completion. It is only after completion that victor realizes the dangers of knowing too much, not realizing the dangers of this knowledge Victor ignores not only his personal wellbeing but his loved ones as well. Spending many years in seclusion, Victor ignores his person health and falls into a state of illness. Because of his growing...
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