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Indian Armed Forces
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Indian Armed Forces
Emblem of India Indian Army
 Indian Navy
 Indian Air Force
 Indian Coast Guard
Strategic Nuclear Command
Integrated Space Cell|
Commander-in-Chief| President PratibhaPatil|
Ministry of Defence| A. K. Antony|
Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee| Admiral Nirmal Kumar Verma| Manpower|
Military age| 18 years of age[1]|
Conscription| None|
Available for
military service| 319,129,420 males, age 16–49 (2010 est.), 296,071,637 females, age 16–49 (2010 est.)|
Fit for
military service| 249,531,562 males, age 16–49 (2010 est.), 240,039,958 females, age 16–49 (2010 est.)|
Reaching military
age annually| 12,151,065 males (2010 est.),
10,745,891 females (2010 est.)|
Active personnel| 1,325,000 (ranked 3rd)|
Reserve personnel| 1,155,000|
Budget| US$ 46.8 billion (FY12)[2](ranked 8th)|
Percent of GDP| 2.5% (2012 est.)|
Domestic suppliers| Heavy Vehicles Factory
Bharat Electronics Limited
Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Ishapore Rifle Factory
Ordnance Factories Board
Tata Motors
Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project
Mazagon Dock Limited
Cochin Shipyard
Bharat Dynamics
Bajaj Auto - Joint Venture - Rolta India Ltd
Mahindra & Mahindra
Ashok Leyland
Shaktiman truck
Maruti Suzuki|
Foreign suppliers|  Russia[3]
Annual imports| Russia|
Annual exports| Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Myanmar, Ecuador, Maldives| Related articles|
History| Military history of India
British Indian Army
Indian National Army|
Ranks| Air Force
The Indian Armed Forces are the military forces of theRepublic of India. They consist of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Indian Coast Guard, supported by Paramilitary forces (Assam Rifles and Special Frontier Force) and various inter-service institutions such as the Strategic Forces Command. The President of India is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces. The Indian Armed Forces are under the management of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), which is led by the Union Cabinet Minister of Defense. The Indian armed forces are undergoing rapid modernization,[8] with investments in such areas as a missile defense systemand a nuclear triad.[9][10] India's arsenal includes nuclear weapons with a triad of delivery mechanisms. In recent years, India has been the world's leading arms importer, accounting for more than 9% of global imports.[3] Russia, Israel, to some extent, France and the Ordnance Factories Board are the primary military suppliers of Indian armed forces.[11][12][13] The country’s capital expenditure for defense equipment may reach US$112 billion between 2010 and 2016.[14][15][16] Since 1962, the IAF has maintained close military relations with Russia, including cooperative development on programs such as the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) and the Multirole Transport Aircraft (MTA). As of 2011, the major military operations of the Indian armed forces have included the Indo-Pakistani wars of 1947, 1965and 1971, the Sino-Indian War, the 1987 Sino-Indian skirmish, the Kargil War, and the Siachen conflict among others. India honours its armed forces and military personnel annually on Armed Forces Flag Day, 7 December. As of 2010, the Indian Armed Forces have a combined strength of 1,325,000 active personnel and 1,155,000 reserve personnel. In addition, there are approximately 2,289,000 paramilitary personnel, making it one of the world's largest military forces.[17] The Indian defense budget was US$48.6 billion during FY2012, at about 2.5% of GDP,[2] with additional spending on infrastructure in border areas and for paramilitary organizations.[18] -------------------------------------------------

(As of 2010)...
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