Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Ecosystem Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: August 18, 2013
Trees are nature’s way of filtering air. We should plant more trees and protect our existing forest for future generations rather than chopping trees down. Deforestation should be banned as it is the deliberate destruction of nature. With the destruction of forest there will be an imbalance which would have a negative effect on the environment. Endangered species of flora and fauna will become in danger of extinction, as well as climates and weather change, will occur. These can be in form of soil erosion, flooding and global warming. Deforestation which is the cutting down or destruction of forest is also the destruction of our environment for commercial purposes. Not only will we lose our valuable trees which have taken millions of years to grow, we will also lose various rare species of animals and plants. This will affect the Ecosystem and put many rare species of both plants and animals in danger of extinction. Although people are concerned that if deforestation was banned, then peoples jobs and lively hoods will be lost. However new jobs can be created in order to maintain and safe guard the forest. These jobs can be in the form of a ranger, tourist guides and scientist and botanist studying the plant and animal life in their forest. There are many possibilities for employment around the forest. Not only does deforestation destroy our environment it contributes in destroying the atmosphere. Us humans breathe oxygen in and exhale carbon dioxide. The trees help purify our air by inhaling the carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. How would our oxygen be purified if deforestation was to take place? Studies have shown that in the last century we have begun destroying trees and plants through deforestation. The outcome to this is that there is more and more carbon dioxide trapped in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse emission. This heats up the atmosphere as it causes the atmosphere to trap more heat from sunlight. The result in this is that it causes...
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