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PremierConnect (B2B)
Shopping and Ordering Guide
PremierConnect is Dell’s B2B eCommerce solution, integrating your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / procurement system with Dell’s Premier Page. This document will explain the process of shopping and ordering within your Premier Page via PremierConnect after the integration with your ERP is complete. If you need any assistance while shopping, please click on the “Help” link located at the bottom right of your Premier Page to access the Premier Online Help Menu.

Accessing your Premier Page via PremierConnect (B2B)
You can access your Dell Premier Page directly from your ERP / Procurement system. If you have any questions regarding your initial access to the Premier Page, please contact To begin shopping from your customized catalog, Punchout from your procurement system directly to Dell’s Premier Page by selecting the appropriate Punchout link from your ERP / eProcurement system.

Three ways to shop
Shopping options are tailored to your procurement department policy and requirements. 1. Standard Configurations PremierConnect allows your organization to define standard system configurations and user-selectable configuration options such as upgrades and downgrades for each system. These configurations may be grouped according to category labels you specify with your Dell Account Team to guide users to the systems designed for their job function. To access your Standard Configurations, click on the category named “Shop” and click on the “Standard Configurations” link within the secondary navigation below. 2. Systems Catalog Your Systems Catalog gives you access to the complete line of Dell branded products. Your Systems Catalog can also be customized to display only the products relevant to your organization. You may configure the available options for any product according to your needs. To access your Systems Catalog, click on the category named “Shop” and click on the “Systems” link within the secondary navigation below. 3. 1.


3. Software & Peripherals* Over 85,000 software and peripheral products from 700 manufacturers are available within your Premier Page. Enter your item within the search box to narrow your selection or click on the category picture to view a wide range of similar products within that particular category. To access your Software & Peripherals catalog, click on the category named “Shop” and click on the “Software Peripherals” link within the secondary navigation.

Add to cart
4. As you shop for Standard Configurations, Systems, or Software & Peripheral items, simply click on “Add to Cart” for each item you would like to purchase or save as an E-Quote. 4. * Not available in all regions.

PremierConnect Shopping and Ordering Guide


Configuring a System
Configuration page options
1. When configuring a product, the configuration page displays a system with any user-selectable options that are available for your organization. To expand or collapse the view of the upgrades or downgrades, click on the arrow located top right of each configuration options box. 2. The price for a configuration will automatically update each time you change an option, so the total system price displayed always includes your current selections. 3. You may also turn on the Preliminary Ship Date feature. When activated by your Dell Account Team, you can view the estimated time it takes to process your order and custom build your computer system, based on the components selected. 4. Click the “Print Summary” link to quickly review the configuration options currently selected, or to format the information for printing. This displays a summary of the specified configuration with associated SKUs, descriptions, and updated price.

Saving your configuration
5. When you are finished configuring a system you can select “Review Summary” or “Add to Cart.” 6. Selecting “Review Summary” allows you to view the configuration options...
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