dimensions of win win habit

Topics: Scarcity, Contract, Paradigm Pages: 4 (1037 words) Published: January 21, 2015
The first foundation is character, and everything else builds on this foundation. The three character traits essential to the win/win paradigm are integrity, maturity, and a mentality of abundance. Integrity allows me to know what constitutes a true win. Maturity helps me find a balance between courage and consideration. The abundance mentality helps me keep in mind at all times that there is enough for both of us to be happy. These character traits then lead in to relationships, the second dimension of life. Only by having a foundation of trust and a strong emotional bank account can I come to the table with honesty and openness. When both partners bring a strong emotional bank account to the table, we are ready to deal honestly and fairly. The third dimension is agreements. From relationships flow the agreements that give definition and direction to win/win. In a win/win agreement, both parties agree on desired results, guidelines, resources, accountability, and consequences. Trust and mutual responsibility is the key to a win/win agreement. Proper management training is key to establishing the mindset needed to effectively carry out win/win agreements. The focus in a win/win agreement is on results rather than methods, and people in a win/win agreement evaluate themselves. As such, a performance agreement that both sides agree to is key to an effective win/win agreement. Finally, a win/win agreement can only survive in an organization when the systems support it. I know that I get what I reward. Thus, I must make sure that the systems surrounding any win/win agreement support a win/win mentality. To achieve the goals in my mission statement, the reward system must reflect my principles. Competition has its place in the marketplace, but cooperation is the key to interdependent relationships. There is a four step process to seeking a win/win solution. First, I see the problem from the other person’s point of view. Then, I identify the key issues and concerns...
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