Topics: Death, Soul, Afterlife Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Fatema Begum
WCIV 10100
Professor Wilder

Ecclesiastes On the Hereafter In the book of Ecclesiastes, the Preacher describes all the meaningless luxuries and pleasures of the world. Such worldly pleasures are empty and valueless because one won't be able to take or hold on to it after death. He reveals the dead is unconscious and ones future after death is a mystery, implying there is no life after death. In that sense everything is meaningless in the present life. Thus, the author comes to a conclusion that without God, there is no truth or meaning to life. The teacher of Ecclesiastes looks back at his own life and shares all that he tried to find satisfaction in. From property, women, wealth to wisdom and philosophy he gave himself whatever his heart desired. However, he realized that all pleasures are meaningless. It was just a temporary distraction. Everything is left behind at death. Same goes for wisdom and knowledge, what's the point of working hard and being wise when the intelligent and ignorant both share the same destiny. Just like the foolish, the wise man too will age and soon be forgotten. Whereas in wealth, its pointless to possess them as well, because after we die, our possessions are to be passed to others. Therefore, being rich or striving to be rich is a waste of time and effort. All these possessions mean nothing in the end, because they will be passed down, as that is the continuous cycle of life and death. Throughout Ecclesiastes, the teacher emphasizes the present, and enjoying life as it is. This indicates that perhaps he didn't believe in an afterlife. He does not directly state that there is no life after death but goes to explain that one should not have any hopes of an afterlife. One should make the best of life because it does not last and death can strike at any time. The author writes it is...
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