Education and Learners

Topics: Education, Learning, Psychology Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Role, Responsibilities, and Relationship in long life learning Once in a work environment you are liable for your own safety and others. You need to make sure you are aware of their rules and what the policies are. As a teacher you’re responsible for your surroundings in the classroom for example the layout of the class should be suitable for all learners, wheelchair users someone with crutches, Coat’s behind chairs and bag’s under the table. There are many guidelines for you to follow such as working with vulnerable adults in order to do so you will need a criminal record bureau [CRB] this is used so your work place knows your back ground. When you become a teacher “Assume Nothing” you have to be fair to all your learners by assessing them individually. It is important that all learners feel comfortable and confident during their class. Once you know your learners learning level you can change seating arrangements so the learners gets to work with others on different levels. In order for you to meet your learner’s needs you would need to plan a learning style which suit’s the learners and yourself, making suitable hand-outs or lectures more clear for them to understand. Speaking to learners one to one, understanding what they are feeling, if the learner needs extra help with any of course work are all the things you need to be doing, this helps you have a better understanding. Assessing each learner throughout the course will help ascertain us and other co- workers or assessors what the learners have gained during their classes. This can be done by asking open questions within a new group of learners, also it can help identify the learner’s needs. When you’re a teacher your responsibilities are more important than being liked by your learners and co- workers, however helping a leaner in need is down to your discretion. “The role and responsibility of the teacher is a complex one”. As a teacher you have to be prepared making sure lessons start on time never...

Bibliography: Wilson, L [2009] Practical Teaching: A Guide to PTLLS and DTLLS. London: Engages learning.
Wilson, L [2009] Practical Teaching: A Guide to PTLLS and DTLLS. London: Engages learning.
Wilson, L [2009] Practical Teaching: A Guide to PTLLS and DTLLS. London: Engages learning.
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