Effective Communication

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Effective Communication
Communication comes in many forms. Two of the most commonly used are written and oral communication. It is very important to know how to do both with respect, common courtesy and proper etiquette. The way you communicate with the public says a lot about you. It lets people know if you are educated or uneducated. In the Criminal Justice field, communication is everything. When reports have to be written accurately is the top priority. One single wording or misspelling can cause anyone a case. Effective communication is essential is the understanding of a person and their situation. Communication also helps us build trust, friendships, and problem solving skills. As simple as a simple conversation may seem, you will be surprised how inappropriate communication can cause a misinterpretation in a conversation. According to (Robinson and Sigel, 2013), effective communication requires you to understand the emotion behind the information. So many different types of communication exist in today’s world, for example, verbal and non verbal communication, formal and informal communication and electronic communication. This can include phone calls, text messages, and emails. Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Verbal communication refers to the use of sounds and language to relay a message (Hanes, 2010). There are two basic types of verbal communication. They are interpersonal communication and public speaking. Interpersonal communication is what is known as a two-way conversation with both talking and listening. Non-verbal communication on the other hand is what we refer to as body language, signs, and symbols. It has no words related to it. This type of conversation also requires a person to know what they are trying to say. Any mistake in body language or signs can result in misinterpretation. Non-verbal communications include eye contact, body language, facial expressions, and gestures. Non-verbal communication...
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