Effective Manager

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A manger has a very important role in a company. A perfect manager is a boon for any company and a good manager needs to have a strong knowledge about the functioning of a company. In one’s company, there are appear of some managers which are inspired, some are motivated, and others are failing miserably to engage with their employees. When the employees are choosing to leave from their position, it is often because of their manager or the relationship between other employees in their working environment. So, if one’s are decided to become effective as a manager then he or she need to have the ability to lead other people, the ability to communicate the goals and objectives as well as the mission of the company to the employees that they supervise. It’s clearly to say that there’s no magic formula to effective management skills. It’s because it was a continual learning process and someone will never reach a point when they can say they have learnt all the skills they need to learn. So, what does it means by an effective manager and what are the skills needed to be an effective manager?

Effective managers are people who possess great skills. In today’s work environment, managing a team requires more skills than just telling others what to do and how to do it. By this, an effective manager is takes responsibility for ensuring that each individual within his department succeeds so that the team or business unit achieves results. This is because they understand the goals and objectives of the company. So they fully understand their responsibilities, duties and expectations of their company. Besides that, they are knowledgeable. An effective manager will possess the knowledge to answer any questions or concerns from those who report to them. Towards it, successful managers required both talents and skills. Managerial skills can be developed through training, mentoring and experience. Oppositely if a manager is void of natural talents, then the odds that he will be successful diminish significantly. In order to achieve the level of effective manager, there are some skills that required being an effective manager in one’s company.

Proceeding with the managerial skills, we should know that there was one interpersonal skill that every effective manager should have which is involved skill of communication and listening. It is about how to interact well with others. As a manager, they need to be an effective communicator which it has a special power to create interest, stimulate action, achieve agreement, and foster enthusiasm among the employees. Not only have those, communication also appeared as the essential method that managers use to direct their employee's behavior. As we know, communication is at the heart of our everyday lives. From the moment we wake in the morning to the moment we drift off to sleep, we are constantly in the process of communication. So, it was the same too even as one’s effective manager. They have to communicate with each of their employees and communicate “sideways” with their co-workers and customers. Besides that, they are responsibility to build an open and trusting climate for communication, as well as demonstrating good communication techniques to their employees. That’s means manager is 100% responsible for communicating effectively with their employees and the employee is also 100% responsible for taking advantage of the "climate for communication" to express what is important and relevant. For example, it is expected that a manager will ask "are there any questions?" after giving an employee a task, but it is also expected that an employee will say, "I have a question" without waiting the asking from the manager. The ability of manager to work with and motivate their employees, earn their respect, influence their actions and productivity are all important parts of the job. So, effective managers must have good people skills, not only with their employees, but also...
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