Topics: Afterlife, The Sandman, Death Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: March 24, 2015
Death will come when he wants to and how he wants. We see this in the poems 'Death came to see me in hot pink pants' by Heater Royes and 'Because I could not stop for death' By Emily Dickinson. Death appears itself as a beautiful but yet evil person who comes to visit them in a dream state, but one of them is really dreaming and the other person is already dead and seeing her past life in a very calm and sow manner.

In 'Death came to see me in hot pink pants' we see death as this charming person that would do no harm and appears to the persona in a dream state. 'Last night, I dremnt that death came to see me in hot pink pants. He was a beautiful saga boy'. The author uses the repetition as he says the words 'Death came to see me'. In the other poem 'Because I could not stop for death' we see death as this calm courteous gentleman who kinda takes the persona into a dream state and shows her all her life ' He (death) kindly stopped for me' shows how he was respectful and calm ' we paused before a house that seemed a swelling of ground' Shows the dreaming state they are in. The author her also uses the device of imagery because she explains how she sees a swelling in the ground and how death was well dressed. Both person expirience tha visit of death and both are in a dream state as they say what happened o them .

In 'Death came to see me in hot pink pants 'we see death coming to visit the person when she was really sleeping and in her sleep and she was in a wooden cage were death forces it open and the reaches for her throat ' Forcing open the small door of my wooden cage...and as he reached for my throat...Last night, I dreamt that Death came to see me in hot pink pants'. In 'Because I could not stop for death' we see death as this calm person that with his wooden carriage and in this poem the persona is already dead and she is explaining the after life part, how she goes to see a swelling of the ground. 'The carriage held but just Ourselves-and...
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