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Topics: Science fiction, Death, Short story Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: March 21, 2015
James Montgomery said stated “Eternity : a moment standing still for ever. Both “Pendulum” by Ray Bradbury and “Because I could not stop for death” by Emily Dickinson address the topic of death and eternity. While in the poem, death takes the aspect of a man, in the short story death is represented as the passing of time and the death from within. In the short story “Pendulum” by Ray Bradbury, the notebook of a man was found next to a giant pendulum. The notebook contains the autobiography of John Layeville, who has been trapped in this pendulum as a punishment. The pendulum would swing back and forth, but time would not pass in it, therefore John wouldn’t age, but he would see what is happening in the outside world. At firs people were pointing and scrutinizing him, but as time passed only tourists came to stare at him. Soon he realized that he was stuck in this glass pendulum forever, referring to himself as the “prisoner of time”. As generation passed, he witnessed as everything was changing, from the fact that only robots were doing the “menial and mechanical tasks necessary for the operation of the city”. He also witnessed a rebellion of the robots in which every single human being was killed except of him, he outlived everybody. Robots didn’t kill him, he thought they also thought of him as of a legend. Eventually there would be an “alien” invasion, which will be the cause of his death. In the poem “I could not stop for death” by Emily Dickinson, the protagonist takes a ride in the carriage with embodiment of death which is a man. They move through the city, bypassing the school, the yard the setting sun and the fields of grain. The protagonists seems pretty comfortable with the man, emanating a relaxed vibe. They stop at a headstone, where her grave is located. At the end, we can conclude that her ride with the man took place a couple centuries ago which means that she has been dead for a long time. As stated in the introductory paragraph, both the...
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