Essay I Heard A Fly Buzz

Topics: Sense, Death, Perception Pages: 4 (1201 words) Published: December 1, 2014
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A View on the Moment of Dying in “I heard a Fly buzz ---when I died” in Dickinson’s “I heard a Fly buzz --- when I died” is a poem written by the well-known American poet, Emily Dickinson. It is a poem that presents the moment of dying in Dickinson’s way which begins with the peaceful moment of a dying person on her deathbed and then there is a strange fly which interposes and changes the whole atmosphere. In Dickinson’s “I heard a Fly buzz --- when I died”, the speaker describes the moment of dying as disturbing, annoying and confusing by using the significant techniques that are imagery, juxtaposition and symbolism. This perception is contrasted to the traditional belief about death as peaceful event of life since after death; most people believe that they would live happily and comfortably in the heaven. The poet contributes and strengthens the idea of disturbing, annoying and confusing moment of death by using the imagery which reflects to words appealing to the senses of sight, sound, touch and smell to the poem. Imagery is regarded as one of the strongest devices that the writer uses words and phrases to create the mental images for the readers in order to visualize and perceive the writing works more realistically. To begin with, the first imagery used in the poem that is the sense of touch that presents the calm and still moment at the beginning of the poem. The sense of touch is shown through “The Stillness in the Room, / Was like the Stillness in the Air --- Between the Heaves of Storm---” By the word “Stillness” in the room is compared with the stillness in air of the heaves of storm so it gives an effect of an unmoving moment that the speaker can feel by the touch. Next, the sense of sight is used widely in the poem as the speaker chooses words that help creating certain pictures into readers’ minds. The speaker describes the initial phrase of death as peaceful and graceful while loved ones stand around the speaker’s...
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