Everyman Death

Topics: Death, Life, Afterlife Pages: 5 (1975 words) Published: February 18, 2013
| Custom Perceptions and Treatment of Death in Everyman essay paper writing serviceSample Essays > Religion > Perceptions and Treatment of Death in Everyman > Buy an essay ← Womens Rights| Contemporary Issues in Eastern Religion →| Buy Perceptions and Treatment of Death in Everyman essay paper onlineDeath is treated and perceived in many societies as the taker of human life. Death is loathed treated with fear and is cruel and unforgiving. Similarly I think of death in the same line because it takes away our loved ones from us, it cannot be stopped, is inevitable and brings pain, grieve and sorrow in people's life's .Death always casts a dark shadow over peoples life. Death is treated as all gloom since an individual is severed from the living. The interpretation of death lies in one belief about death and life. The interpretation of death is relative depending on a persons view point on the same. In the biblical and Christian interpretation the death of a person is defined either as being good or bad depending on the kind of life the person lived. Thus for a person who lived a good life thus his death is good unlike one who led a wicked and bad life. From a Christian perspective those who die in sin will live in eternal pain and suffering in a world of fire and brimstone. However for the righteous they hope for greater and wonderful things in the next life. Theirs will be a life of singing and dancing sharing n the glory of God. To them they will head to paradise.Thus death can not be classified as bad and cruel if one has lived a righteous and good life. This is so because such a person always plans to move a better place in the future. Thus death is only a stepping stone or means of transition to a better life hoped for. This is a natural part of a person's life, in that what has a beginning will ultimately come to an end. To some extent I think death acts as a deterrent because people fear to do wrong knowing that they will pay ultimately with death. Thus death ensures peace, order and stability is maintained. Death also brings cohesion and a feeling of oneness when people congregate to mourn a loved one. Death thus to this extent ensures that people are in their best behaviorsThe manner of death also determines whether death can be classified as good or bad. If an individual dies with peace with himself probably surrounded by family and friends then this may be termed as a good death. On the other hand the opposite qualities as a bad death. Ultimately death is ambiguous to the extent that we are not able to evidence with certainty what happens in the thereafter. What happens after death is debatable and no factual evidence can be adduced to support a person's hypothesis on death.Everyman is a Christian morality play published in the fifteenth century. This plays strives to explain the need for salvation and seeking God. However the term everyman refers to the common and ordinary man. This is any man upon life's way, irrespective of social status, gender, race or religion. Everyman is an individual who the reader is able to connect and identify with since the reader is also an everyman. Everyman is about native man, the man that existed during the good days gone by. In present day we still have everyman but present everyman is more individualistic and sophisticated to medieval everyman. Therefore a reader of this morality play should relate his perception of everyman with the said time of existence. Thus when looking at everyman I will take into mind the medieval man unlike his modern day counterpart. Therefore the reader should fill himself in the same circumstances as medieval everyman. These differences can be attributed to the science and technology coupled with modernity and unprecedented heights of urbanization. Despite this outstanding differences the perception and treatment of death remains almost the same. Death is the common denominator in all spheres of life and thus an interesting topic.Everyman...
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