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Fashion is a popular thing for a period of time. It keeps changing and developing. Fashion and trend are very similar however fashion is almost always related with the way people dress. Trends are related more with technology and such. When asked the question 'What is fashion?' globally known model, icon and business woman Claudia Schiffer replies with 'It's become synonymous with clothing but ultimately fashion is anything popular in a culture at any given time.' The same question was asked to Pulitzer prize winning fashion writer Robin Givhan and she replies with 'For me, fashion is the way we choose to present ourselves in the public square. It captures whether or not we choose to be on the trend, but also addresses those people who have a belligerence towards fashion and are very stern in the announcing of their lack of interest in the subject.' Also head of the iconic Prada fashion conglomerate, Miuccia Prada, says one element of fashion is so simple it's often overlooked: 'Fashion is the first step out of poverty. You have nothing and then you put something on. It is one of the first things you do to elevate yourself. Why are people scandalized by spending money on clothes? Everybody is so passionate about this, there's a resistance to fashion, an idea that to love fashion is to be stupid. Clothes are very intimate. When you get dressed, you are making public your idea about yourself, and I think that embarrasses people.' The common idea here is that fashion is a way of self-expression.

Fashion is very important because it is mean of self-expression, enabling us to say something important to the world about who we are, what we want and about whom we want to be. The clothes we wear say things about us whether we want it or not. It addresses to the human need to belong, to identify ourselves with a group of others like us. It can be a lifestyle, a religion, a profession, or an attitude. For example there are terms in society, which refers to a particular...
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