Fat What No One Is Telling You

Topics: Near death experience, Death, Nutrition Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Miguel “Alex” Salas
FCS 162 Nutrition, Professor Gordon
Response Paper
In the movies “Fat (What no one is telling you)” and “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead” both address the issue of weight, appearance, and health problems associated with being overweight. Both movies provide an interesting view of people living with weight problems. In the movie “Fat (What no one is telling you)” there are different individual cases of their struggle with being overweight. Some have struggled with being overweight since childhood and others have gained weight due to their jobs and busy lifestyle giving them no time to work out. One of the guys from the movie “Fat (What no one is telling you”) is overweight because he has no self-control when it comes to food. He has a twin sister and she is not overweight so in his case it doesn’t appear to be a genetic issue, but more of his love for food. In one of the scenes he explains how some restaurants in his neighborhood are open 24 hours. This accessibility makes it very difficult for him to lose weight. However, he does not have the will power to work out and wants to find the easy way out by subjecting himself to surgery to help him overcome his weight problems. In the movie “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead” John Cross was nearly dying due to a weight related health condition. This near death experience has made him realize he needs to make a change. Therefore, he decides to go on a 60 day life changing experience. Through the 60 day challenge he finds it very challenging, but he goes through it. At the end of the 60 days he lost over 80 pounds and his health has improved significantly. Along his journey through the different dates he came across a guy who surprisingly has the same illness and he offers his help to him. Overall, for many people it is very hard to give up the foods they love and just do not have the will power to change their eating habits and for others near death experiences or to...
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