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Ghosts are a significant part of a religion. It was mentioned and written in many parts of religious scriptures. The life after death was acknowledged in many of these scriptures. Nevertheless, it probably holds the logic behind paranormal activities. We acknowledge our existence because we believe we can see, touch, and feel ourselves. We tie in the existence of God as an extension of ours, without God we would not be here. As the Heaven and hell exist so we can separate the good from the bad.Ever imagine what it would feel if one of our darkest fears comes true. There are stories that are told around the world to scare us. It is up to each and every person who will hear it, if they would believe it or not. A story that is told throughout the years with different variations depending on the teller.I came around a topic in a magazine paranormal activities that probably means ghosts. I was curious,the question is do i believe in ghosts?

Ghosts, a hypothetical subject widely opened to the inquiry of us humans. In reference to Wikipedia, the definition of ghosts is “a ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased person or animal that can appear, in visible form or other manifestation, to the living.” In my opinion, ghosts do exist. Of course they do. The existence of ghosts can be proved by unexplainable paranormal activities. Nevertheless, they have a strong connection with religions, explaining the whole logic and theory on the occurring of paranormal activities.

Based on the statistics on Wikipedia, ten of thousands of people from all nations around the world and all periods in human history reported encountering paranormal activities under more or less similar circumstances. Scientists who have witnessed and seen ghosts are believers, but universal belief is based on evidence, and even with photographic, video and audio evidence, many people aren't yet willing to universally accept that ghosts exists. As one who has seen them, I of course have no doubt, and...
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