Hamlet Act 5 Journal

Topics: Death, Thought, Human Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: March 31, 2014
Act V Journal

Option 1:

Part 1.
Find an example in Act IV where Hamlet acknowledges his fate.

Part 2.
What are your own thoughts on death? Are you afraid of death?

I think death is something very mysterious to our society and something that everyone thinks or wonders about sometime in their life. I think some people spend a large amount of time worrying and trying to decipher what happens after death, when in the long run it will never really mattered anyways. Everyone is going to die eventually so even if you do know what’s going to happen there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent death forever. Personally I am not scared of death, I believe that dying is just another adventure beginning. As they say when one door closes another one opens. Maybe our life here in the physical world is ending, but another beautiful life in the spiritual world is beginning. I think I may be more sad at the though of death then afraid. Leaving everyone you love is a very sad thought, but once the journey in our physical body is over we are re-united with all those who have gone before us, and in time we will see all of our loved ones again. So no, I am now afraid of death.

Part 3
Give an example of how society tries to cheat death.

In general our society tries to prevent many forms of death. One example of this would be diseases in our world. When a person falls very ill we try and give them various medications and surgeries to save that persons life; and many times this is successful. However we never consider that maybe this was when that individual’s life was supposed to end. As human’s we are naturally selfish and we want to keep people with us as long as we can no matter what the cost. This is one example of how society cheats death.
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