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Garrett Dell

Informative Speech Outline

COMS 1030

TITLE OF SPEECH: History of Baseball, America's past-time

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: I will teach the class about the history of baseball.

THESIS: Baseball can be divided into three sections, the beginning, middle and modern baseball.



Ever wonder how the most popular sport to play the last 150 years was invented and how it grew into the giant it is today? Raise your hand if you have ever played baseball or been to a baseball game.


Almost everybody has either played or watched baseball in their lifetime.


I have studied, played and watch baseball my entire life and was born into a baseball family.


Baseball can be divided into three sections, the beginning, middle and modern baseball.


I will discuss how baseball was invented, major events and the use of steroids.

TRANSITION: Baseball was invented just before the civil war.


I. It is unknown who actually invented baseball, some people say Alexander Cartwright and others say Abner Doubleday.

A. "In truth, Abner Doubleday and Alexander Cartwright were entirely separate, historically significant individuals who were born and died one year but never met each other." (Nucciarone, 2009)

B. Baseball is a mixture of a medieval game called rounder's, cricket and a Russian game called Lapta.

C. The first professional team with salaries were the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1969 who are now the Cincinnati Reds.

TRANSITION: The middle years were full of both good and bad moments.

II. From 1900 to 1948 a lot of interesting and intriguing records and scandals took place.

A. A highlight of the middle age of baseball (1900-1948) was the career of slugger Babe Ruth. "On October 1st, 1927, Babe Ruth slugged his sixtieth home run of the season, off Washington Senators pitcher Tom Zachary." (Ruth Breaks Own Home Run...

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