How Does Tennyson Present War in the Charge of the Light Brigade

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How does Tennyson present war in the charge of the light brigade?

Tennyson shows that war claims many lives and not many survive it or come out uninjured. ‘Back from the mouth of hell, all that was left of them, left of the six hundred’ this implies that escaping war alive is very hard and not everyone survives.

The phrase ‘mouth of hell’ illustrates how hard it is to escape because once you die there is no coming back to life, and when you die you go to hell, but Tennyson is implying that the soldiers have gone to hell and they are so brave and heroic they have defeated death and escaped hell.

The poet uses repetition as a poetic device ‘left of them, left of the six hundred’ it shows how few of them survived and refers to them as a group instead of just the survivors.

The poet uses personification to illustrate his feelings about war ‘the mouth of hell’ this implies that he thinks war is destructive and bad that in his opinion it can be associated with hell and that the six hundred charging at those cannons was entering hell and taking the leap from the living world to the afterlife.

At the end of the poem Tennyson says “oh the charge they made! All the world wondered honor the charge they made, honor the light brigade, noble six hundred” this show that he had great sympathy for the soldiers that lost there lives to a undeceive mistake that the general made.
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