How I Decided to Change My Life

Topics: Jesus, English-language films, Jehovah's Witnesses Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: August 29, 2011

The day I decided to change my life was the day I called upon the Lord. I was ready to take my precious life, in my room stretched against the wall with a knife in my hands ready to slit my wrist. I was crying intensely, and as I was trying to a Voice reminded me that I had 3 Boys who needed me , I started to cry and Called on Jesus to please help me. There is a point in life where we all decided to change many can find the way out. Others aren’t so fortunate; they never call upon the only one who can save their soul and life. My life hasn’t been easy there were many times in my life where I know the Lord was there to save me. Countless times I was in Near death Experiences where from My Car catching on Fire as I was driving, to Car Accidents where my Car flipped and thought I was never going to make it. Reality was I was headed down the wrong Road and all the while God was trying to catch my attention. Many times I did what I wanted, lived how I wanted, and never took time to truly seek him or know him. But change and a complete 360 change cannot occur unless we surrender and acknowledge our maker. I remember that my life was a wreck from Drinking and Partying Every Single Night, to having countless Relations with different partners not really ever finding love but just heart breaks. I had no goals in my life and thought life was just one great party. To make money I sold Drugs and escorted myself as a means to get by with fast money, I realized that this world sends this message to world yet it was illegal. My life was headed down the path that many are on now and I job knowing the Lord is to tell them there is hop found in the Lord Jesus. See before changing my life I had seeked Religion and...
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