importance of good leadership for a business

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Discuss the importance of good leadership for a successful business. Introduction: Function of leadership in business.
Leadership is the process by which an individual influences, motivates and controls the behaviour of others towards a specific set of objectives. Leadership is the composite of abilities and characteristics of an individual leader of the environment in which he operates and of the relationship developed between the leader and the led. It is very important to have good leadership for a business to succeed as employees will only follow a good leader and respond positively towards their direction. A good leader will have ability to obtain the highest quality from subordinates that they have the capacity to render. True leadership is a positive force, based on cooperation and mutual trust. A poor leader will often fail to win over staff and have problems communicating with workers. Leadership style is the way a manager takes decisions and deals with the staff. An effective leadership style is one that best compliments the organizational environment, the task to be accomplished and the personal characteristics of the people involved. There are several types of leadership styles, which are autocratic, democratic, paternalistic and laissez-faire. Body: Explanation on Autocratic style, Democratic Style, Laissez-faire and paternalistic style. The autocratic Leaders is authoritarian and assume respect for all aspect of operation. Communication is one-way with little as no scope of feedback. With autocratic style, we can identify the dictators who demand total compliances from the work-force. He demotivate staff and create frustration and fears. The work group depend on the leader and will be unable to act independently. However, the autocratic style seems efficient and essential in some situation such as police force. There is clearly chain of command with no ambiguity and so autocratic leadership produces quick decision. The democratic leader...
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