Inner Beauty to Physical Beauty

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Inner Beauty to Physical Beauty There are two categories of beauty: inner beauty and physical beauty. Physical beauty is exterior beauty, which is pleasing to the eye. Inner beauty relates to an individual's personality and character traits, which are pleasing to the heart. Usually, you can spot a person who has a deep inner beauty by the bright shine coming from their eyes. They are usually truthful people, without being arrogant or rude. A person with inner beauty is always happy to help when needed. Many times you can find people with inner beauty in industries of service; social workers, nurses, and other such people who are caregivers. Physical beauty is different for everyone. Physical beauty is based on just your outside traits and nothing else. It is the first thing that people notice about you. People who have above average beauty are usually also always well dressed, and very attentive in their appearance. These traits can also be true of a person who possesses inner beauty.

First and foremost, physical beauty and inner beauty can be acquired later in a person's life. As a person grows older and develops into a more mature and wise individual, their inner beauty may increase due to their years of experience. The same can be said for physical beauty: a person may develop attractive features as they get older or simply change the way they dress or look as they mature, which might increase their physical beauty. As you age, your physical beauty may decrease, because of the loss of a youthful appearance. Inner beauty also does not have to last forever, as your personality goes through many changes over your lifetime. Also, another similarity between physical beauty and inner beauty is that there is no real standard for either, every individual views it differently and has a different opinion on what is their standard of beauty.

Different people have different preferences when it comes...
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