Kudler Fine Foods E-Commerce Website

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Kudler Fine Foods E-Commerce Website

Kudler Fine Foods E-Commerce Website
* Introduction
“E Commerce is one of the most important facets of the Internet to have emerged in the recent times. Ecommerce or electronic commerce involves carrying out business over the Internet with the assistance of computers, which are linked to each other forming a network. To be specific, ecommerce would be buying and selling of goods and services and transfer of funds through digital communications” (Benefits of Ecommerce", 2007). With the launch of Kudler Fine Foods new eCommerce solution quickly approaching, this is an exciting time for Kudler and its staff. The benefits of this expansion will not only increase revenue for the company, but afford the opportunity to create new jobs and provide a new range of services to all customers. From the customer’s perspective, everything will start from the Kudler Fine Foods homepage. The home page will maintain the original look and design, but the customer will notice two new additions when visiting. The first addition will be a “shop” link included in the navigation bar. This will bring the customer into the store’s inventory of items available for online purchase. These new features and services will now be explained, as well as a step by step walk through the customer will experience when making online purchases.

When Shop is selected in the navigation toolbar at the top of the website the user opens a new webpage. This webpage is the “shop” page where the user sees a dropdown box giving them the following categories to choose from: Bakery, Meat and Seafood, Produce, Cheese and Dairy and final Wine. After selecting the category the user will then click on the “shop” button to the right. They will then be sent that category webpage to make their purchases. Purchase of Items

To purchase items the user will see the category webpage where there is a list of all the products offered for this category. Each item will have a description of the product and the price of each item. There is an “add” button at the end of each item description where the user can choose to purchase this item by “clicking” on the add button. At the top of each category page the user has the option to go to the other category pages by clicking on the “go to” button for each category listed on that button. At the bottom of each page there are two buttons to choose; View Cart and Checkout.

View Cart
View cart allows the user to see all the items that they have chosen to purchase. A list of each item with their price will be shown. At the end of each item row there is a “remove” button where the user can remove the item from the list. This is the only location the user can remove their items they have chosen to purchase. At the bottom of this page there are buttons to choose to go to the other category pages or to checkout page. If the user chooses to go to another category and selects and item from that page, it will be added to the view cart page. Even if the user goes all the way back to the “home” page they can start looking at other categories and each item will be added to the shopping cart where it can be seen on the view cart page. After the user has made all their choices to purchase, they can click on the “checkout” button at the bottom of the page to finalize their purchase. Checkout

The checkout page is the final page the customer will need to go to in order to finish their purchase. Here the customer can see all of the items they have selected along with the total of the purchase they are about to make. It they want to remove an item they will need to go back to “view cart” where they can remove the item. Under the list and total of the items to be purchased, there is a form to fill out. This form is the Payment Information form needed to finish the purchase. Here the customer will input their Name, Address, Town/City, State and Zip code. Then they will select from the...
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