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3. How can layoffs “hurt” the different members of the organization (Top management, Middle Managers (immediate supervisors), the Human Resource personnel, the survivors, and those who did not survive?

Layoffs are ways that companies buy time to withstand the competition and economic cycle. Layoffs are intended to reduce costs and promote healthier re-growth of the organization.

They are managers who have built close relationships with their colleagues and those who work for them. Managers may have regret or sadness or shame or guilt that they had to do this. They may also feel emotionally intense about employers who will they communicate or talk to regarding the layoff.

Human Resource Department
An organization's business and operating climate can change frequently, which can also affect the role of human resources. In many cases, the HR department serves as a link between company management and employees, playing a vital role in facilitating the process of change.  It can be difficult to effectively recruit and train a large number of workers at one time. Instead, management and HR can work toward a solution where workers are hired and intervals to ensure a comprehensive vetting process and thorough training.

For one, workers worry about whether they’re next out of the door. Second, if the downsizing, (economize) was one of the management’s first actions and was handled insensitively, the survivors’ view of management as unconcerned about them is reinforced. This generates disengagement not gratitude. Finally, as survivors assume the duties of those who have left, their workload often dramatically increases, sometimes to beyond what they think is reasonable or even doable.

Who did not survive
Layoffs generate a sense among workers that they are disposable commodities and that, in turn, results in a disengagement from the company and its objectives. Company slogans that proclaim that “employees are our most important...
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