Legitimate Business in Afghanistan

Topics: Corporation, Business, Organizational studies Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: March 3, 2014
Mustafa Muneer – 11748
Undergraduate Student, American University of Afghanistan
Introduction to Business
Dr. Sujatha Chandarlapaty
10th December, 2013

To what extent legitimate business is essential in Afghanistan? In all countries of the world there are people who are involved in various types of businesses and of-course legitimate and illegitimate businesses are exist among those. The question whether a business is legitimate or not is upon on rules and regulations of that country. The constitution and laws of an Islamic country is so far different from a non-Muslim country and both have their own regulations, for example in Afghanistan its totally illegal and not allowed to sell alcohol in the markets but by going to foreign country at first glance the place that a person sees is the Air-port of that country and various kinds of alcohol is available while in Afghanistan it’s not allowed to take with you and bring from another country. It is also not the truth to say that Afghanistan is an Islamic country and there is no one to drink alcohol or use drugs, obviously people drink not only in Afghanistan but in all Muslim countries and here the question comes that how people find it from market when its forbidden by government; those are the illegitimate businesses run by people to satisfy the needs of market. To what extent a business can be called legitimate is based on their activity whether it’s accepted by government and licensed or not? In Afghanistan a person starting a new legitimate business and corporation needs to pass some processes to get licensed that during that process the activities, aims and scope of operation is being monitored by government to find whether this business is not in contrary with laws of the country. In most post-conflict societies that new government wants to recover the institution and infrastructures the most illegitimate businesses are owned by government official and other non-governmental authorities who are...

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