Life and Story Prognosis

Topics: Life, Death, Afterlife Pages: 4 (1337 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Prognosis is a forecast or a prediction but not any bodies palm can know when one individual will die. As of Blaise Meredith in the story “Prognosis” reach or come to the point of intense pain or mental anguish, a period of struggle immediately preceding death. Analyzing story “Prognosis” need more understanding of a feeling ominous, which means it worries you because it makes you think. In the story Blaise Meredith plays the role of a human that possess courage the fact that he don’t even know how this given situation will develop. Disease for him is an image of thought externalized. We classify disease as error, which nothing but Truth or Mind can heal. Disease is an experience of so-called mortal mind. It is fear made manifest on the body. Being priest his profession is to prepare other men for death suddenly it shocked him to be so unready for his own. It’s seems that he is not ready go after life, he didn’t expect that the scenario for preparing to death will come to the point that even if he expect death but not to forecast it to him and knowing the time of his death. For him time is far more precious than everything, nothing more assuring than the touch of earth and grass, the whisper of moving car, the smell of new blossoms, the sound of voices and traffic and high bird-songs. He was a priest for twenty years knowing that life is transient imperfection. He thinks not negative but not so positive, now for him to know the date of deliverance set, why could he not accept it if not with joy at least with confidence asking no one but himself. For me defining diagnosis and prognosis is the same. There was great interest in revising diagnostic procedures in clinical psychiatry. In other fields of medicine, diagnosis is based on causal factors. In psychiatry, however, causal agents rarely are known, except in conditions such as general paresis and drug intoxication. Hence, within the vast range of mental illnesses, diagnoses had to be primarily descriptive. With...
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