love orange

Topics: Death, Afterlife, Love Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: November 8, 2013
Love Orange
In the story, “Love Orange”, the author uses a variety of symbols starting from an orange, to the view of the “outside world”, and a old antique doll with one eye to explain to the reader the little girl’s love and how she is hesitant, how she is scared of the outside world and how a old antique doll represents the little girl.

The orange in the story represents all of the little girl’s love and how she wants to give her love to other people. The little girl’s grandma’s friend dies and she is in the coffin and the little girl had a rubber ball, so she put it in the coffin as her “love orange” to give the friend love before she is buried. There is also a boy from England that she meets and wants to give her orange to him but after thinking about him not loving her back, she is hesitant and doesn’t give her “orange” to him. In the end when the girl’s grandma is dying, the only words that come out [are] “orange…………?.” The girl’s mother scolds her for not saying she loves her grandma but her mom does not know that she said she loves her in her own way by saying “orange.” She gave her grandma her whole love so she feels empty because all of her love was given to her grandma before she died. The little girl is very hesitant and protective about giving her orange away to people that won’t give their love back, so just as much as she wants to love somebody, she wants them to love her back also.

The “outside world” is the little girl’s view of what we know as the life after death, this shows how the little girl is scared of death. The girl is scared of [the] “outside world” because of all the people she see’s around her that are dying. She would lay under her “grandfather’s vast bed” when lightning would flash and she would lay under it with her dog and whisper to it saying “our worlds wait outside.” She would lay under it when she was scared of the after-life, she also would tell the dog that

“[death can wait].” She would dream about death so...
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