Macbeth and Frankenstein comparison

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-Both have great ambition, get carried away and do unethical things, resulting in the death of innocent people


-Macbeth visions the dagger floating, and hears voices talking to him after he murders Duncan

-Victor thinks he sees the creature, but he's not there


-Witches in Macbeth

-The Creature in Frankenstein


-Macbeth is disloyal to the previous king (Murders Duncan when he's visiting his home)

Frankenstein is disloyal to the being that he created and abandoned it


-Macbeth wilfully takes the lives of others to gain power

-Victor Frankenstein creates life but doesn't consider that humans are more than flesh and bones

Their lack of appreciation of life results in the loss of their own lives.

Both Victor and Macbeth have great qualities. Victor is smart and curious. He wants to fight disease and discover the mysteries of nature. Macbeth has a high ranking in society and has authority. They are both very well off and have good families but get greedy and end up ruining what they have. Macbeth gets carried away with his experiments and ends up losing all of his family and friends, and dies in the end of the story. The same thing happens to Macbeth. He gets carried away with his thirst for power, that he kills people even after he gains the throne, and ends up losing his friends and family, and also dies in the end of the story.

Both Macbeth and Frankenstein are powerful, ambitious characters. However, they have very different ambitions and desires. Macbeth's ambition is to become king by committing murder whereas Frankenstein's is to create life. For example "I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation." -Victor Frankenstein, chapter 3 Frankenstein. "Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires." -Macbeth, act 1 scene 4 Macbeth. Frankenstein wants to create something innovative and astonishing, something that he can be remembered for and something that will push the boundaries of life and science. This is evident when he says, "pioneer a new way" and "unfold to the world the deepest mysteries." We can understand why Frankenstein is driven by creative ambition when he uses the word "pioneer" which indicates to the reader that he wants to be the "leader" of this science in the future and wants to make progress beyond existing limits. Furthermore, the word "deepest" does have some connotations of "dark" and "unknown;" this could be foreshadowing to the reader what is to come. Unlike Frankenstein, Macbeth is completely consumed by his ambition to kill. He has to commit murder to achieve his goals and his ambition is a major factor in what leads him to do so. Macbeth is already in a highly regarded position within his kingdom, but once he has had a taste of this newfound power, his desire for more cannot be stopped. "Stars," in the eyes of a Jacobean audience, would suggest something heavenly or Godly. So by saying this it is almost blasphemes: Macbeth is asking God to turn a blind eye on what he is about to do and asking that his true, evil intentions not be understood by his peers, "black and deep desires." Both Macbeth and Frankenstein, to their respective audiences, would have been viewed as people defying the boundaries of life and humanity.

The stories of "Macbeth" and Frankenstein are two texts depicting the life and tragic flaws of the two main characters which bring them to an eventual downfall. The two pieces of writing have both similar and different characteristics between them. It can be argued that the texts present much of the same story line, only written in very different time periods. Shakespeare's famous play, "Macbeth", was written in 1606 in honour of King James' coronation, while Mary Shelley's,...
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