Management and Lego Media Int'l

Topics: Management, Matsushita, Cultural identity Pages: 4 (707 words) Published: July 3, 2014




1. Describe the organizational culture at Matsushita Electric Company (MEC). In what ways has it historically been innovative? Give examples (at least two).

2. a) Describe MEC's journey into internationalization.

b) Where would you classify them now in terms of their phase of int'l development?

c) And how would you classify their managerial mindset (parochial? Ethnocentric? Geocentric?)?

Give historical examples (& contrast w/r/t the company's tenets of globalization) to support your answers (to each of a,b,c above).

3. As of the late 1990's (post KM's death), how well has corporate management succeeded in propagating KM's approach to innovation beyond the Japanese culture? Give specific examples of successes and/or challenges.

Q4. What is needed to improve cross-cultural management within MEC?



What are LEGO's values and corporate identity? How did these develop over time (prior to LEGO Media Int'l)?

How did Lego's organizational structures & policies permit int'l alignment AND explicitly reflect the company's belief in equifinality?

How did LEGO actively reduce barriers to communication? Give examples of some of their internal communication practices & indicate which communication barriers these practices helped to reduce.

Describe the organizational culture @ UK Lego (Lego media Int'l). What is the evidence that it, too, believed in equifinality? When you compare it to the corporate LEGO identity, would you say that this (UK Lego culture) is an example of Corporate (Danish) LEGO's cultural dominance? Cultural avoidance? Cultural accommodation? Cultural Compromise? Or Cultural Synergy? Explain why it represents the form of c/c conflict resolution that you've said it does.



What problems/challenges did NN face prior to facilitation?

Describe how the facilitating team was created (nature of its...
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